BFNL Junior Rep Netball Teams 2021

Junior Rep Netball is less than four weeks away! The McDonald's Ballarat FNL announces the coaches and players in the 2021 Junior Representative Program.

The McDonald’s Ballarat FNL is pleased to announce the coaches and players for this year’s BFNL Junior Netball Representative Program. 

The League is thrilled with the knowledge and experience that these appointed coaches bring, and they are certainly putting this into practice when developing our junior players within the representative program. 

The players and coaches will put their hard work into action at the Association Championships on the 27th of June. 

We are pleased to announce the following coaches and players for each of our age groups: 

13 and Under BFNL Representative Team 

Courtney McLean – Coach 

Kara Hart – Coach 

Milly Vallance – Mount Clear 

Ebony Porter – North Ballarat 

Keira McDonald – Ballarat Swans 

Maia Murphy – Ballarat Swans 

Kate Aikman – North Ballarat 

Abby Kinnersly – East Point 

Brydee Craig-Peters - Redan 

Eliza Ashby – Ballarat Swans 

Nathalia Jenkins – Ballarat Swans 

Annie Folker – Redan 

15 and Under BFNL Representative Team 

Katie Williams – Coach 

Chelsea Oellering – Mount Clear 

Rose Murnane – North Ballarat 

Matilda Myers - Redan 

Ella Litras - Redan 

Isabella McNeill – Lake Wendouree 

Georgia Bodey – North Ballarat 

Alice Kaine – North Ballarat 

Ava Densley - Darley 

Addison Wright – Darley 

17 and Under Representative Team 

Deb Hutchinson – Coach 

Prue Douglass – Coach 

Damien Mullane – Coach 

Katie Jackson - Redan 

Bella Clark – Lake Wendouree 

Carlee Hazlett - Redan 

Ella Hutchinson – North Ballarat 

Rosie Todd – Lake Wendouree 

Milly Simpson – North Ballarat 

Milly Sharp – East Point 

Eloise Wills – North Ballarat 

Charlotte Cain – Ballarat Swans 

Arlee Bennett – North Ballarat 

Rose Pfitzner – North Ballarat 

Annie Cowan – Lake Wendouree 

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