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At the Bar with Rye Penny

At The Bar

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  • Club:
    Bacchus Marsh
  • Age:
  • Preferred Position:
    Half Back
  • Previous Clubs:
    Gisborne, Calder Cannons
  • Occupation:
    Support Worker, Student
  • Footy Highlight:
    Vic Metro Rep at Marvel Stadium
  • Hobbies:

INSIDER: Firstly, welcome to the BFNL, what do you know about the competition?

RYE PENNY: Not too much. I went to Bacchus Marsh Grammar and heard a bit about it there, but I expect it to be similar to the Bendigo League.

INSIDER: You're a Collingwood VFL listed player formerly aligned with Gisborne, how did u end up at the Cobras?

RP: Well I have mates here from my school days and Dennis' appointment pretty much got me over the line given he's great mates with Josh Fraser (Collingwood VFL Coach).

INSIDER: Tell us about your experience thus far at Collingwood, are you in the mix for regular selection?

RP: I've played four games as a 23rd man for the Pies and loved it. Selection is tough this year, only five or six listed VFL players are getting an opportunity each week. I'll just have to wait for my opportunity and hopefully I can take it.

INSIDER: The club signed Dennis Armfield to coach the Cobras - tell us about him?

RP: Dennis has been awesome. I've had heaps of coaches over the last few years and for some reason it feels he's a level above. Dennis is really passionate about the club with an emphasis on wanting to make people better.

INSIDER: Name two top priorities the Cobras need to return to finals?

RP: 1. Persevere with youth involvement, there is plenty of talent around here. 2. Aggression, will compete.

INSIDER: Who is your harshest footy critic?

RP: Mum! If I don't have 40 possessions and take a couple of hangers, she is in to me!

INSIDER: What other sport could you play at a high level if there were no footy?

RP: Volleyball (played in National league)

INSIDER: In a freakish sense, which player at the club can do things on-field that others can't?

RP: Luke Goetz

INSIDER: Who at the club has the most upside from a junior perspective?

RP: Isaac Nixon

INSIDER: Who at Bacchus Marsh would you like kicking for goal after the siren to win you a game of footy?

RP: Definitely, Joel Freeman.

INSIDER: Who is the quickest at the club over 30m?

RP: Spence Jenks!

INSIDER: Which player (by foot) is the most skilled on their opposite side?

RP: Jack Kovacevic

INSIDER: Who is your favorite footy person at the club?

RP: Shannon Nixon

INSIDER: What's your favorite TV series or Movie at the moment?

RP: Not enough time for that stuff really, I didn't mind the Avatar movies.

INSIDER: Apart from your phone, what can't you leave home without?

RP: Four pairs of clothes because I never really know where I’m going to end up!

INSIDER: Which player would be the last person you'd want to share a room with on a footy trip?

RP: Joel Freeman

INSIDER: If you had to cook for the whole club what would be your signature dish of approval?

RP: Burritos

INSIDER: Who at the club would most likely win a million dollars on a quiz show?

RP: Isaac Nixon

INSIDER: Favorite AFL club and player?

RP: Collingwood, Oleg Markov - I’m trying to emulate my game on his.

INSIDER: If you could add one player to the Cobras list given your time spent in the Bendigo FNL, who would you pick?

RP: Lachie Tardew (Sandhurst midfielder)

INSIDER KNOWLEDGE - In his draft year Penny topped the field in the standing vertical jump and running vertical jump as well as the 20m sprint. Penny's 89cm on the standing vertical jump equaled the all-time combine record set by Aidan Bonar at the 2017 NAB AFL Draft combine.