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At the Bar with Adam Young

At The Bar

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  • Club:
  • Position:
    Reserves Assistant/Line Coach
  • Age:
  • Footy Highlight:
    Under 14s Flag. Having Fev sit on my head!
  • Hobbies:
    8 Ball and Dogs

INSIDER: While you were warm favorites heading in v Darley last week, when did you think you had the game won?

ADAM YOUNG: In the coaches box you never feel completely safe, but 10 minutes to go and a four goal lead was comforting.

INSIDER: How many players do you have at your disposal who have played senior footy this year?

AY: We have used over 50 players across both lists. 30+ at senior level.  

INSIDER: Under Aaron Tymms at Melton all three grades train the same game plan - is that the same at Sebastopol or is there a point of difference in the way your 'twos' group wants to play?

AY: It's similar at Sebastopol but we do train as a big group generally playing an aggressive brand across the three grades. We do individualize our groups to tailor a specific message when appropriate.

INSIDER: Do you think run with tagging roles are necessary at the level or should players be able to play with freedoms to push for senior selection?

AY: There's definitely talented players that are warranting more attention than others, however we back our own talent to win out but are flexible to facilitate run with roles if necessary.

INSIDER: Do you have a desire to coach at senior level?

AY: Ever since I had to retire early it's been a goal to be a senior coach but timing is everything.

INSIDER: What other sport could you coach at a high level if there were no footy?

AY: Cricket

INSIDER: In a freakish sense, which player at the club can do things on-field that others can't?

AY: Jai Harvey, previous goal of the year contender says enough!

INSIDER: Who at the club has the most upside from a junior perspective?

AY: Liam Mason. Back or forward, the kid is going to make it!

INSIDER: Who at Sebastopol would you like kicking for goal after the siren to win you a game of footy?

AY: Michael Powell - he's kicked more than 200 of them!

INSIDER: Who is the quickest at the club over 30m?

AY: Grady Snowden would say he is!

INSIDER: Who is the best trainer on the track?

AY: Brad Weightman - always gives his all and does extras.

INSIDER: Who is your favorite footy person at the club?

AY: Mick Clark. If you're lucky enough to know Mick, you know why.

INSIDER: Who is the last person you would want to share a room with on a footy trip?

AY: Chris Jeffreys - over analyses everything.

INSIDER: If you had to cook for the whole club what would be your signature dish of approval?

AY: Butter chicken.

INSIDER: Who at the club would most likely win a million dollars on a quiz show?

AY: Jack McNab, copied all my homework in High School!

INSIDER: Who do think is Luke Kiel/Michael Columbro’s favorite player?

AY: Mitch Baker.

INSIDER: Who do you think will win BFNL Reserves Best and Fairest count on Monday night?

AY: Matt Jukes

INSIDER: Which player would we most likely see eating a kebab downtown, 4am on a Sunday?

AY: Alister Sims loves a late night feed.

INSIDER: Favorite AFL club and player?

AY: Geelong, Matthew Scarlett.

INSIDER: Biggest threat to Sebastopol for the BFNL ‘twos’ flag?

AY: Sunbury